Friday, November 24, 2006

Heritage Foundation: WWII and Korea Vets Stupid

Chickenhawks are running scared over NY Representative Charlie Rangel's proposal that a draft be reinstated. The media today is running editorials and articles from yellow elephant outlets such as National Review decrying the idea.

I also reject that notion propounded by the Heritage Foundation that drafted recruits in WWII and Korea were dumber than those currently being subjected to the Iraq experience. Just outside my bedroom door, because there is greater wall space, are pictures and citations concernings my late grandfather, who was killed at the Battle of the Bulge. I have his medals on a shelf right in front of my bed along with more pictures. So you can imagine how offensive I find that insinuation by the rightwing propaganda house, especially since my mom was so young when he died that she barely remembers him. It is due to folks like him that I can sit here and spout off to you this morning. I will always be grateful.

My grandmother then married another WWII vet, who stayed in the reserves after it was over and got called up to serve in Korea, where he was wounded.

I will take them over the array of gangbangers and drug users who are allowed to join today due to eroded criteria so that the Bush administration can make it look like they aren't hurting military preparedness.

Down the line we are going a pay a price for this. We already have a gang problem in the military, even in the Navy, and we are bascially training hoodlums how to outfight the police in America's urban cores. Great for the vicious 18th Street gang and the Crips, bad for America.

That isn't to mention that dissing our WWII troops is incredibly elitist, but when it comes to the Bushies, that isn't a suprise.

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